Performance Tutu (European Style)

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Performance Tutu (European Style)
Performance Tutu (European Style)

This tutu is made out of pleated diamond net that holds its shape firmly with cut edges and is tacked manually by hand. This tutu is fluffier than a traditional Russian tutu, yet just as comfortable and light.

  • Has a “pancake” shape. It is made out of 9-12 net layers

  • The upper layer is built by hand, each fold is bent individually

  • The edges of the tutu are deliberately cut

  • There is a metal hoop inside the tutu

  • There are hook&bars on the back

  • Layers are attached to the net basque and pantie with ruffles

  • The tutu is tacked by hand

Standard size chart

In case your size is not present in the standard size chart you can order a one-of-a-kind piece custom made to fit your personal measurements. Please note, there is a $30 flat fee for custom made items.

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What makes our tutus so unique?

Here are 5 reasons:

1. Our tutus are crafted by professional theatrical costume makers, adepts of classical ballet costume school. This technique of tutu making had been passed down from generation to generation of Russian tradition and cannot be found elsewhere on the modern market

2. In addition to standard sizes we can create a one-of-a-kind tutu based on your personal measurements

3. Our tutus are stunning visually, yet highly functional and comfortable to wear

4. Our tutus are made out of highest quality materials which makes them exceptionally durable

5. All our tutus are hand pleaded and hand tackled


If you have any questions regarding the size, measurements, color, decorations or any other concern feel free to contact us via email

Photo by Matt Frisbie