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Ballet is a special art form. It consists of many elements and each of them takes a tremendous amount of effort to develop. A dancer has to be graceful, strong, persistent, determined, and powerful both physically and spiritually. Nothing is given in ballet - everything has to be earned through hard work. 

We asked ourselves - if there is one element of ballet that could be given: not earned with practice but a crucial part of a performance - what would that be? 
In 2013 we found the answer that turned out to be the beginning of Miralova. The answer is a costume.

We started with a simple but definite mission:

To provide the highest quality ballet costumes to the most determined young dancers. 

We discovered that generally, professional dancers have access to high-quality costumes while the younger emerging stars do not. 

It was as if young dancers were not taken seriously until they reached a certain level of proficiency and recognition.

We treat the costumes of those who begin their journey in the world of ballet with the utmost seriousness and attention to details, which they so often lack. 

Our goal is to provide a great foundation for future success and we are excited to see our customers grow up to become ballet stars.

Liliya Popova, founder

Liliya is a costume maker, who has spent her career of over twenty years creating costumes for theatre productions. In 2000, she graduated from the oldest theatre arts school in Russia, the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts majoring in Theatrical Costume Design. 

Shortly after graduation, she started working in one of the biggest theaters in Moscow, Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre.

For the first time, she participated in the production of big performances.
That job was a life-changing experience for her and opened the way to other theaters where she got opportunities to work on plays at MXAT (Moscow Art Theatre) and Sovremennik. She met and collaborated with numerous professionals along the way, making connections in the theatrical industry.  

After moving to New York in 2011, Liliya found herself working for one of New York's best-known tailoring shops, Artur & Tailors, which makes costumes for some of Broadway's most extravagant shows such as Wicked, Matilda, and Mamma Mia.

In 2013, she directed her craft in a new direction. Liliya founded Miralova, a company that makes custom-made, form-fitting costumes for young dancers that are unique to their body and style. 

Liliya's idea for the company was inspired by her daughter, Anastasia, who, at the time, was 10 years old and started practicing ballet. She decided to try building a tutu herself and discovered that her Costume Engineering skills were applicable to ballet costume construction. She expanded her knowledge of the subject, going deeper into the specifics of tutu making and is currently proven to be the best in the field. Her innate artistry, consummate training, and creativity result in absolutely gorgeous custom tutus.

Her costumes are being worn on the biggest student ballet competition in the country, Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP), and others such as American Dance Competition | Ballet Competition (ADCIBC) and Gala de Danza. 

Size Chart

Size Chart

Below is the table of standard sizes. To order a custom made item, fill out the custom measurements form.

Standard Sizes

Please take measurements over a leotard.
DO NOT take measurements while wearing jeans, sweaters or other bulky clothing. Measure carefully as the fit of the dress/tutu will be as accurate as the measurements you've taken. 

* Tutu have 1'' ease at the chest, waist, high hip and 2'' ease at low hip.